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Jason Wen
刘文杰最出名的是被称为“信乐团”的台湾强力摇滚乐队的新主唱。信乐团是制作人Keith Stuart的原创乐队,当前任主唱阿信离开乐队后,Keith很快就找到了更合适的替补唱将。 就在不久之后,文杰证明了自己的实力。刘文杰 和信乐团继续为他们演出遍布在各个表演场地!
Jason Wen is best known as the new lead singer of the Taiwanese power rock-pop band known as “Shin Band”. Shin Band is the original creation of producer Keith Stuart, and when former frontman A Shin left the band, Keith quickly found his replacement. It wasn’t long before Jason proved himself worthy to be the new frontman for the famous band. Jason and Shin Band continue to pack stadiums everywhere they perform.

“回不去了” 信乐团

87樂團- 以前称为北七乐团,87樂團的每个成员甚至在他们组建乐队之前就已经拥有了强大的粉丝团! 这些成员由台湾著名的电视演员和音乐人组成,他们联合起来组成了一个力量五重奏,已经让粉丝对他们的下一张EP发行感到很期待。 到2014年,他们被选为“台湾第二最受欢迎乐团”,并被选为罗兰乐器的代言人。 观看他们的一首新歌-“A Girl Like You”的演示视频!
87 Band – Formerly known as North 7, each member of 87 Band already enjoyed a huge fan base even before they formed the band! Comprised of Taiwanese famous TV actors and musicians, the members joined forces to form a power quintet which already has fans excited about their next EP release. By 2014 they were voted “2nd Most-Liked Band in Taiwan” and also chosen to be Spokesperson for Roland Instruments. Check out a demo video of one of their new songs, “A Girl Like You”!

你现在正在听“A Girl Like You”!
You are now listening to “A Girl Like You”!

EVA 乐队- 由Eva(主唱),Victor(鼓手)和Allen(吉他手)的中国力量摇滚三重奏组成。 EVA乐队多年来一直主导着北京后海的夜店流行乐,每 周演出5晚主要为著名的翻唱歌曲呈现给现场的观众 。 他们的音乐肯定会让你感到震撼! 在这里收听完成的单曲“Rock of Love”!
EVA – also known in aerospace terms as Extra-Vehicular Activity – is comprised of the Chinese power rock trio of Eva (lead vocals), Victor (drums) & Allen (guitars). EVA band dominated the popular Beijing nightclub scene of Hohai for many years, performing 5 nights/week of cover songs and entertaining Beijing audiences. Their music is sure to blow you away! Listen to the completed song “Rock of Love” here!

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You are now listening to “Rock of Love”!
你现在正在听“Rock of Love”!