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A Shin is looking really happy here because we finally got him to a Good Chinese restaurant in Flushing, NY. We had been in Up State New York recording for about 3 weeks and he hadn’t eaten any Chinese in all that time, he was so fed up with American food that he had resorted to cooking Chinese himself. Certainly made Pete happy, A Shin is actually quite a accomplished Chef. A Shin loved NYC we shopped till we dropped he bought up about half of New York City ( he would have bought the other half but then my Credit Cards Maxed out !).
Kenny Aronoff(连续8年被Mordern Drummer杂志票选为最佳录音室鼓手),图中是常见的Kenny开心一刻,他总爱跟T-Bone开涮。这差不多是我第一次和他合作。我们当时在纽约北部莱茵贝克的一个很棒的工作室里。Pete第一天录鼓差不多5个小时,在整个试音、录音的过程中,Kenny几乎一刻不停地敲啊敲,直到凌晨。 我感觉他应该有打了至少12小时的鼓,但他第一声和最后一声敲得同样有力。 经过一天15小时的工作,我们都累坏了,我的房间就在Kenny隔壁,头刚一贴着枕头我就立刻昏昏入睡了。突然貌似有鼓声不时地传来,一开始我还以为是累坏了,耳鸣比较奇特,后来我才意识到是Kenny在为明天录的部分做练习!我从没见过甚至听说过有任何鼓手像Kenny Aronoff这样刻苦!

Kenny Aronoff ( Voted Best Studio Drummer By Modern Drummer Mag. 8 years in a Row) in one of his Kenny moments always making jokes and cutting it up with T-Bone. This was one of the first times I had worked with him. We were at the Clubhouse an elegant studio based up in Rhinebeck Up State New York. Pete was getting drum sounds for like 5 hours the first day, and Kenny just kept banging away thru the sound check thru the recordingsand into the wee hours of the night. I figured he must have played at least 12 hours that day but the last take had just as much power and punch as the first. We were all completely wore out after a 15 hour day and I retired to my room which was adjacent to Kenny’s. As soon as my head hit the pillow I immediately began dosing off to sleep. Then drum patterns began drifting into my ears and at first I thought I was suffering for some sort of extreme form of ear fatigue. But then I realized it was Kenny next door practicing for the next session tomorrow! I have never seen or heard ANY drummer work or play as hard a Kenny Aronoff.
这张是我和缩混之父Bob Ludwig! 假如你没听说过他,我可以告诉你他做过的超赞的专辑可能比你听过的全部都要多。 Jimi Hendrix,The Rolling Stones,U2,Brian Adams,Mariah Carey,Cold Play,还有许多许多。他获得的格莱美,音响科技TEC,白金唱片,金唱片各个奖项,我这辈子都没见过那么多。 这张照片是在2003年,我们在制作信乐团的第二张专辑。我和Pete Moshay开车去了缅因州的波特兰,毫不夸张地说,那里冷到你出去待超过一分钟脸都会被冻得生疼… 还记得我们叫了些超级赞的印度菜(波特兰最棒的!)。 Bob非常好客而又友好,为人谦逊而踏实,他就像一个你久未谋面的叔叔一样和蔼可亲。他的房间简直神了!各种我从未见过的比如曼利,圣保罗之类的地方的风俗物品;还有你看到的我们身后的扬声器,是放置在坚固的大理石柱上,这些大理石柱直接深入地下20英尺,是和房子的地基完全没有关联的。所以在房间的任何一个地方,哪怕是在角落里,你听到的声音效果都不会变!

So here I am with the Father of all Mastering Engineers Bob Ludwig! For those of you who don’t know. Bob Ludwig has mastered more great albums than you have probably ever listened to. Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, U2, Brian Adams, Mariah Carey, Cold Play, and many many more. I Have never seen so many Grammies, TEC Tech awards,Platinum and Gold Records in my life. This was January of 2003 we were doing the 2nd Shinband album. Pete Moshay and I drove up to Portland Maine. It was so cold it literally Hurt your face to spend more than 1 minute outside.. I remember we ordered out for some really fantastic Indian Food ( in all places Portland!). Bob was such a great host so friendly and down to earth like a uncle you haven’t seen in a long time. Bob’s Room was incredible! Manley, SPL and a bunch of custom stuff I’d never seen before. The Speakers you see behind us sit on Solid Marble pillars that go 20ft straight down into the ground for total separation from the room foundation. You could walk anywhere in the room and the sound WOULD NOT CHANGE! Even in the corners!
这就是Mickey Curry,很棒的一张照片。当时我们在做信乐团的《海阔天空》。Mickey Curry给Brian Adams打了20多年的鼓!你只要听听就会立刻明白这是为什么!他打鼓的时候投入了那么多的能量和感情,当你听他打鼓的时候你不可能不被他感染和打动。听听信乐团《Fallen Angel》里面的鼓声吧,你就明白我为什么这样说了。 Mickey特别搞笑,我们在一起的过程中他一直有讲不完的笑话和故事!我永远不会忘记其中有一个,是关于Brian Adams,他苦苦哀求著名的制作人Mutt Lang,最后终于说服了Mutt为他做专辑。Mickey说他们去找Mutt,一遍又一遍地表演他们的歌曲,直到累到没一点气力;然后Mutt静静地走了出去,说:“好了你们回家吧”。过了几个月,Mickey听到电台里播的歌似曾相识,于是他打电话给Mutt,问他这歌里都有哪些元素。Mutt悠悠地说:“貌似我用了你敲的踩镲。”

Here’s a great shot of Mickey Curry when we were doing The Album “Sky High” for ShinBand. Mickey Curry has played drums for Brian Adams for over 20 years! And when you hear Mickey play you’ll instantly know why! He brings so much energy & emotion to the track when Mickey plays you just can’t help but be moved. Just listen to the drum fill on Shinbands “Fallen Angel” and you”ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Mickey is always full of jokes and stories he kept us laughing Throughout the entire session! I’ll never forget the one he told us about Super Producer Mutt Lang after much begging from Brian Adams Mutt agreed to produce For him. Mickey said he went in there and played the track over and over until he was totally beat. Mutt quietly came out and said “ OK you boys can go home now” Months later Mickey hears the track on the radio and was curious about his drum tracks so he called up Mutt and asked what part of his tracks did he used. He said “ I think I used your hi-hat”
Here Peter Moshay and I are at the Board in the Clubhouse checking out the tracks. Pete is just a phenomenal recording and Mixing engineer. His Discography Speaks for itself. Mariah Cary, Hall& Oates, Jennifer Lopez, A- Mei, Zhang Liang Ying and of course all of the Shinband albums. He just hears things other People don’t and is always looking for new ways to make things sound better. He is also a great friend and one of the hardest working easiest going people I have ever had to honor to work with. He has taught me the true meaning of what it is to be a professional in the Record Industry. Pete is always coming up With these one liners… like “ Making an Album is like getting a Tattoo, before you do it…. You better think about it!”

我和Peter Moshay在at the Board in the Clubhouse检查音轨。Pete果真是一个非常出色的录音缩混工程师。他制作的唱片足以证明这一点,Mariah Cary,Hall& Oates,Jennifer Lopez,张惠妹,张靓颖,当然还有所有信乐团的专辑。他总是能听到别人所听不到声音,并且寻找新的手法让它更棒。同时他也是我见过的最勤奋努力却又谦逊友好的人之一,能和这样的朋友共事是我的荣幸。是他让我明白在唱片工业中,何谓专业。 Pete常会举一些生动的例子,比如说,“做专辑就像纹身一样,在你纹之前…最好先想想清楚!”
动力火车和林志炫。我们刚为专辑录完《爱上你不如爱上海》的人声。A cover tune of and old Air supply track Goodbye. 这些人都堪称世界级的歌手!音域和支持力都非常棒!给他们录音甚至不用后期校音,全是真唱直到达到完美的效果!志炫还很喜欢开玩笑,经常逗大家开心。做这首歌还真不简单,我在纽约剪了基本的音轨,又在北京现场录制弦乐,然后还在台北录了人声;更别说这歌本身还有3次拍子变化和3个调的跨度。

Here are the boys of PowerStation & Lin Jr Tuan. We had just got thru doing the vocals for “ Love Shanghai” for the Album Moving On. A cover tune of and old Air supply track Goodbye. These guys are all world class singers! There range and stamina are amazing! No Auto-tune here. Just singing one phrase over until it in absolutely perfect! Zhr Ling was always making jokes and cutting it up with everyone. This song was very involved I cut the basic tracks in New York, Recorded live Strings in Beijing then did the Vocal tracks in Taipei not to mention the the song itself has 3 meter changes and 3 Key changes.
Shawn Pelton Cutting正在为动力火车录鼓。Shawn被赞为纽约最棒的鼓手之一。他和诸如Celine Dion,Billy Joel,Elton John,Cheryl Crow,Avril Lavgne还有SNL里的鼓手之类的人都合作过。他师从Kenny Aronoff,果然名不虚传。Shawn被称作“一遍传奇”(因为他通常打第一次就通过了!)。图片中是他常用的DW鼓,以及一个用来共振的底鼓。其实我还可以告诉你Peter Moshay另一个疯狂的小花招,但考虑到他可能会要我的命,所以还是先不说了。这鼓听起来非常棒,我猜Pete的歌里单鼓就得来上27轨!

Here’s Shawn Pelton Cutting Tracks For Power Station. Shawn is considered one of the Top drummers in New York .He’s played with the Likes of Celine Dion, Billy Joel, Elton John, Cheryl Crow,Avril Lavgne and also the current drummer on SNL. He is the student of Kenny Aronoff and the Apple definitely doesn’t fall Far from the tree. Often called the One Take Wonder ( because it’s usually perfect on the first take!) That’s his custom DW kit with the extra Bass Drum for resonance. I could tell you about all the other crazy miking techniques Peter Moshay used but then he would have to kill me. The sound of that Kit is Amazing I think Pete had 27 drum tracks on this tune!
T-Bone Wolk,毫无疑问,他是我有幸合作过的最全面的音乐人,同时也是我见过的最友好的人之一!最早是在1998年,我为了Cindy Cao的专辑Greatest Hit而和T-Bone合作。贝斯、原声吉他、曼陀林,还有手风琴,Bone都会弹就罢了,可是他还都弹得很棒。所以毫无疑问他和许多大牌艺人合作,Avril Lavigne,Billy Joel,Cyndi Lauper,Hall and Oates,Carly Simon等等。 左边那张是在录完信乐团《海阔天空》里面一些很棒的原声吉他后照的。 Bone收集的琴超赞的,Gibson Humming Bird、68 telecaster、Custom Built P Basses,还有Taylor AB 2 acoustic Bass。他还简直有一车的曼陀林,可谓真正的行家。
右边那张是正在at the board in the clubhouse 做信乐团的《海阔天空》。顺道一说,那调音台可是Fred Hill和Chipman Verspyck全力定制打造的。

Without a doubt the strongest all around musician I had ever had the pleasure to work with and one of the nicest people you could ever meet T-Bone Wolk! I first started working With T-bone in 1998 on Cindy Tsao’s Greatest Hit’s album. Bass player, acoustic guitar, Mandolin, accordion Bone Does it all and does it all great. Know wonder he has worked with so many Top Artist’s Avril Lavigne, Billy Joel, Cyndi Lauper, Hall and Oates, Carly Simon and it just goes on. On the left taking a pose after some awesome acoustic guitar sessions on the Shinband album Blue Skies. Bone’s guitar collection is really something else. Gibson Humming Bird, 68 telecaster, Custom Built P Basses,Taylor AB 2 acoustic Bass Mandolin’s He literally brings a truck load of them to every session always a true Pro. On the right a moment at the board in the clubhouse on the Shin Sky High album. By the way that’s a Neve 8058 Mk II fully restored and customized by Fred Hill And Chipman Verspyck.
Post Script: T- Bone Wolk passed away on the music on earth will suffer but I’m sure up in Rockn Roll Heaven the Bass lines got a whole lot better.
在这里,我和金志文和徐佳莹刚完成了 远走高飞 主唱部。我刚总纽约回来录完志文的专辑 Hello,鼓,贝司,和吉他 都用美国一线的乐师。

Here I am with Jin Zhi Wen & Xu Jia Yin recording “ High Flying” we had just gotten back from NY recording the Backing tracks Jia Yin voice sounded just like silk so smooth such a great tone.